Web3 social media platform builds user experience with Arise Gaming

Case Study Background:

The average person spends 2 hours and 27 minutes each day consuming content on social media. From news to cat memes and everything in between, content can be created by everyone with a smartphone and an internet connection. This Web3 tech client is a token-powered, engage-to-earn-social network with over 750K users already on its platform that just launched in April 2022. Users earn crypto tokens by creating posts, writing comments, and engaging with other users.



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    This Web3 social platform built on a crypto wallet is rewriting the rules of social media and growing fast. However, mapping out new social media territory while building a start-up company comes with a crucial need for a solid foundation of user support. This client needed a highly skilled CX team that could support their user experience needs, including delivering high-quality and omnichannel (social, email, Discord) care, community engagement, and content management.
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    Arise Gaming provides “CX in a Box” to this client, sharing best practices garnered from decades of combined CX/PX experience that support this Web3 platform’s needs while they blaze new trails through cyberspace. The Arise Gaming team became experts in this brand-new platform and helped develop the user experience processes while also preparing Service Partners for these unique customer care needs. Using Gig-CX resources, Arise develope a flexible capacity schedule based on the client’s evolving needs. Additionally, Arise began proactive and reactive moderation on social media platforms, ensuring that bots and spam comments are blocked before posting. Arise also implemented email ticketing platform that previously didn’t exist and defined a robust review process for user-generated content.


By implementing proactive posts and moderation, Arise Gaming was able to decrease inappropriate and spam content posted to the platform by 40% and reduce general support emails by 145% in a two-month timespan. All while the platform grew by over 50%, from 500K to 750K+ during this time.

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