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With rapid changes in economic conditions, consumer expectations, and technology, building and maintaining trust is more important than ever in the BFSI space. Give your customers a wealth of knowledge and support with high-tech, high-touch CX, 24/7/365

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Taking Customers from Good to Gold

Regulatory Compliance

From Basel’s risk-weighted capital requirements to the Dodd-Frank Act, CECL, and ALLL, there are a growing number of regulations that banks and credit unions must comply with. Using modern-day technology, Arise ensures standardized processes and procedures are followed correctly and consistently to de-risk and safeguard your organization.

What makes GigCX Service Partners standout?

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“Arise was my ACE all last week adding incremental hours to ensure we could handle unanticipated volume... Without Arise, we’d be hurting big time this week. Arise helped us staff 2x to requirement… it was such a relief to have your help!”

Arise® Platform services in the BFSI sector include:

Banking & Loan Services

Easy banking and lending with great customer experience is deceptively difficult. We make such things as account and transaction management, online banking, and product support simple and seamless.

Credit & Prepaid Cards

Consumers have an average of four payment cards in their wallet. From billing and payments to disputes and chargebacks, rewards and more, Arise keeps the balance of your contact volume in check.


Seamless integration is key. Arise is the hidden algorithm for software companies in their quest to help companies, business owners, and consumers better manage their financial operations.


It’s not just about risk management and prevention. It’s delivering personalization, empathy, transparency, and guidance throughout the customer journey — from policy information, adjustments and renewals, to claims processing and beyond.

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