Game-changing PX analytics boost satisfaction scores by 33% for Web3 Studio

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…Through The Arise® Platform, we can find [agents] with a specialized interest in different sporting activities and experience, for example, in golfing. The [agents] selected are passionate about golfing and offer authentic communications. We are very pleased with Arise and are looking forward to a long business partnership.”

…"Arise Gaming facilitated our best-in-class strategy workshop and now runs our customer service end to end. Their expertise and capability made a huge difference for my startup company. It was truly turnkey.” – Chief Operating Officer


Disrupting an established industry is no easy feat, but when it’s done right, it opens up new worlds of growth and creation, and that’s and that’s just what one next-gen game technology company did. While charting a new course through a brand-new, blockchain-fueled, NFT-centric gaming world, there came a time when this venture-backed, video games leader needed to learn how their player experience stacked up to the competition to plan for future growth. And with the 2021 global gaming market estimated at $202 billion alongside a globala global NFT market valued at $4.36 billion, player engagement (PX) was synonymous with revenue.

Use case #1

Workforce Management (WFM) uncovers
support gaps, reducing response time by 43%



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    Throughout the Gaming world, the lack of consistent response times has proven to be a challenge for Studios, with research showing that the average response time was 39 hours!

    With players scattered across time zones, it became noticeable that this Studio’s response times were higher than expected. This lack of response drove significant concerns related to ongoing player activity and growth. 

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    The Arise Gaming WFM team collaborated with the Studio’s internal team to review historic data, uncovering opportunities for Service Partners to be there for players regardless of geographic limitations.

    The Arise Gaming WFM team performed a heatmap analysis, gathering information on when players were on the game, which was then used to review resource scheduling, ensuring coverage was available for players in need of assistance. The flexible, 30-minute scheduling of Service Partners on The Arise Gaming Platform provided the dexterity needed for players around the globe to stay in the game.


With historical and heat map data, this NFT-powered Studio was able to improve the average response time from 4.2 to 2.4 hours, a 43% improvement, and a 90% reduction in comparison to the target response rate of 24 hours. Timely player response times keep players in the game, playing more, and ultimately creating Superfans.

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