Building the bedrock for enduring relationships

There is nothing more important than customer trust and safety. It is the cornerstone of loyalty, repeat business, and positive word-of-mouth. Establish a secure CX environment for your customers, safeguarding your brand. Our platform solution seamlessly combines intelligent processes, AI, automation, and human oversight for continuous monitoring, 24/7/365, ensuring the safety and well-being of your brand and your customers across the globe.

Protected payments
and interactions

Experience peace of mind with customer support services through the Arise® Platform, where protected interactions take center stage. From credit card processing to sensitive, personal information, we prioritize the security and privacy of every engagement, deploying advanced measures to safeguard sensitive data. Our commitment to secure communication ensures trust and confidentiality, creating a safe and reliable space for seamless interactions between your brand and customers.

Fraud detection and prevention

Fortify your operations and protect your brand reputation with cutting-edge fraud detection measures tailored to your unique needs. We deploy leading technologies and vigilant monitoring to identify and thwart fraudulent activities in real-time.

Security Audits
Critical for maintaining trust and compliance, security audits focus on data protection, examining how sensitive customer information is handled, stored, and transmitted. This also enables your ability to allocate resources effectively to address the most critical risks.

Identity Verification
Implement robust identity verification processes to ensure that customers are who they claim to be. This may include multi-factor authentication methods and knowledge-based authentication.

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reduction of inappropriate content

Content Moderation
We go beyond just managing conversations – our skilled team employs a strategic blend of AI and human moderation to ensure a safe and positive environment. From social media to live chat and community engagement, trust us to maintain the integrity of your brand with vigilant content monitoring and real-time intervention, creating a secure space for meaningful and respectful interactions.

Risk Management
Employ rigorous processes and advanced tools to systematically monitor, assess, and verify that all operations align with legal requirements, data protection laws, and industry-specific mandates. From script adherence checks to record retention and use of automated technology, our commitment to compliance and data integrity provides brands with the assurance that their operations are conducted with the highest standards of integrity and regulatory adherence.

Establish strong access controls and encryption mechanisms to protect data in transit and at rest to prevent unauthorized access. Instill robust security measures in compliance with relevant regulations and standards such as ISO 27001, GDPR, HIPAA, or other industry-specific requirements. Integral to our financial and information security practices, we ensure that our financial reporting and data security protocols meet the standards set by SOC 1 and SOC 2.

Whether it’s image, text, or audio annotation, certified human annotators in the network of Service Partners on the Arise® Platform review and mark the data according to specific criteria or attributes while quality control measures are implemented to maintain the reliability of the labeled dataset and improve machine learning.

Discover meaningful patterns, trends, and insights from large sets of data. The Arise® Platform delivers the various tools, techniques, and algorithms to analyze and extract valuable information, knowledge, or hidden patterns from structured or unstructured data to predict future trends and promote informed decision making.

Mitigate the risk of data breaches, protect sensitive information, and demonstrate a solid commitment to privacy and security compliance with systematic and secure methods to permanently and irreversibly erase sensitive or confidential information from storage devices, preventing unauthorized access or retrieval.

“When evaluating all vendors in relation to unauthorized user access, Arise consistently ranked #1 in overall security, well above all other providers.”

Put your trust in us to deliver wellbeing at scale

We champion the protection of brands and customers with scalable services, bolstered by a multitude of experts and proprietary technologies. Proactively, we shield them from the expansive realm of content and policy violations, mitigating risks to online trust and safety.

Compliance Expertise

Through the Arise® Platform you gain deep understanding of relevant regulations and standards, ensuring compliance with data protection laws, industry-specific requirements, and other legal obligations.

Prioritize customer trust and your brand’s reputation. Let us be your guide.