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Your travelers and guests want a seamless experience with highly skilled travel specialists that enable them to enjoy the planning of their travel as much as they enjoy the actual trip. The same goes for contact center leaders driving experiences in travel and hospitality. This is where Arise’s 25 years of experience supporting the world’s largest travel brands shines! Our expertise is so good, you’ll want to post about it on Instagram!

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Say “bon voyage” to rising operating costs:

What makes GigCX Service Partners standout?*

cruise services
timeshare/vacation Club services
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complex travel experience
restaurant support services
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excited to service a travel & hospitality program
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price comparison group support
travel technology experience

*Based on a sampling of the network of Service Partners on the Arise® Platform

“We have had a wonderful working relationship with Arise for many years. We appreciate the tenure of our current team, both in terms of their overall experience, as well as their absolute time on the account. 'Tribal knowledge' is important and having people as long-term account partners is a huge benefit.”

Take a vacation from it all. Let the Arise® Platform be your solution.

Reservation Services & Pre-Trip Planning

Whether it’s high, low, or shoulder season, Arise can tailor the right level of support to handle reservation inquiries and modifications as GigCX Service Partners assist travelers in selecting flights, cruises, hotel accommodations, car rentals, dining reservations, recreational activities, shore excursions and more.

Trip & Post Trip Support & Resolution

Providing the support needed when travelers are on their trip is a true differentiator for travel companies. Flight delays and cancellations, baggage issues, hotel overbookings, rideshare delays, short term rental issues and so much more are experiences that the Service Partners on the Arise® Platform are well versed and experienced in.

Travel Insurance & Emergency Support

In a post-COVID world, travel protection is as much of a must have as extra leg room on a long-distance flight. But the level of empathetic care needed when that travel protection needs to be exercised is an even greater imperative. With unprecedented flex and top flight Service Partners, Arise is known for its unparalleled protection support. Whether it’s initial sales, general inquiries, or during travel emergencies, delivering confidence to travelers is what we do best.

Loyalty Programs

Travelers and guests don’t just want flexible redemption options. They’re looking for upgrades, enhancements, and exclusivity, especially in their customer support. Arise delivers true white glove service, clear communication, thoughtful education, and responsive support to your members. It doesn’t matter if they’re Bronze, Silver, or Gold status, every customer is a diamond.

Digital Support & Feedback Management

At a time when a one-star difference in rating can lead to an 11% difference in price offered, give your guests something to rave about. Resolve issues and inquiries swiftly and conveniently through chat, email, SMS/text, and social media applications. Monitor and respond to travelers’ and guests’ inquiries and feedback on social media platforms to enhance brand reputation. Leverage their feedback for continuous improvement.

A World of Knowledge

Interested in learning new ways to make sure remote agents are well prepared to handle complex traveler and guest interactions?

Listen to a frank conversation with Arise leaders on the future of Customer Care in the Travel Industry.


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