A Deep Dive into Jamaica’s Nearshore Outsourcing Industry

Jamaica isn't just about reggae and beaches; it's quickly becoming a hub for nearshore contact center outsourcing. So what makes this Caribbean island such a compelling choice?

The Growing Industry

Jamaica’s nearshore outsourcing sector has seen significant economic, technological and entrepreneurial growth, boosted by its strategic geographical location and a skilled, English-speaking workforce.

Language Proficiency:

Unlike other nearshore locations, Jamaica boasts a predominantly English-speaking population, effectively eliminating language barriers. In fact, English is the primary language, used widely even in casual settings. However, Jamaica’s rich cultural tapestry also includes a diverse range of secondary languages like Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, and Arabic, blending quality, cultural affinity, and multi-lingual capacity into one compelling package.

Why Choose Jamaica for Nearshore Outsourcing?

Cost-Effective: Low operational costs without sacrificing service quality make Jamaica an attractive option. Jamaica is not only wallet-friendly but also tech-savvy.

Strong Infrastructure: The island has invested heavily in a fully digital telecommunication system, keeping pace with industry expectations for advanced technology solutions. Reliable internet and telecommunications infrastructure ensure uninterrupted service.

Regulatory Compliance: Jamaica has made strides in aligning its regulations with international standards, simplifying contractual processes.

This ensures that even with low operational costs, the quality of service remains uncompromised, thanks in part to Jamaica’s alignment with international regulations and standards. The island’s commitment to technological advancement, along with its adherence to global best practices, makes it an exceptionally attractive outsourcing option. This harmonious balance of cost-effectiveness, tech-savvy infrastructure, and regulatory alignment elevates Jamaica as a prime destination for outsourcing needs.


Why Arise Jamaica Stands Out

Data & Metrics

Case Studies Substantiating Arise Jamaica’s Benefits
In the world of outsourcing, data speaks louder than words. Arise has an impressive track record, substantiated by various case studies that underscore Arise’s capabilities and benefits.

Roadside Assistance: In one study, Arise reduced call handle times by 7% and increased customer satisfaction by 9 points for a roadside assistance client. The full case study can be viewed here.

Handling Natural Disasters: The Hurricane Ian case study demonstrates Arise’s robust disaster recovery plans. Despite catastrophic conditions, Arise managed to handle a 20% surge in call volumes with zero downtime. Read more here.

Retail Solutions: Arise’s involvement with a Big Box Retailer led to a 15% reduction in average handle times and a CSAT improvement of 12 points. More details can be found here.

Gaming Industry: In the gaming sector, Arise managed to reduce attrition rates by 50%, thereby saving costs and ensuring a stable, skilled workforce. Check out the full case study here.

These case studies validate Arise Jamaica as a reliable, efficient, and effective nearshore outsourcing partner. Coupled with client testimonials from the Cruise Line, Travel & Hospitality, and Financial Services industries, the argument for considering Arise Jamaica becomes irrefutable.

Client Testimonials:
The Voice of Partnership and Success

When you’re making a crucial business decision like outsourcing, hearing from others who’ve walked that path can provide invaluable insights. Let’s delve into what Arise’s clients have to say:

Cruise Line Industry
A Senior Director of Commercial Analysis and Operations from the Cruise Line Industry praises the long-term partnership with Arise, stating, “We appreciate the tenure of our current team… ‘Tribal knowledge’ is important and having people as long-term account partners is a huge benefit.”

Travel & Hospitality
Arise isn’t just about performance; it’s also about security. As vouched by a Senior Regional Operations Manager in the Travel & Hospitality Industry, “Arise consistently ranked #1 in overall security, well above all other providers.”

Healthcare Industry
The CEO of a healthcare provider broke down numbers to show the impact Arise has made. “Today we broke 7,200 consults which sets a new record,” highlighting how Arise met the challenges of an unprecedented crisis.

Financial Services
Setting new standards in service delivery, a leader in the Financial Services Industry noted, “Arise with a 3% transfer rate… I think that’s the new standard.”

These testimonials resonate a common theme: Arise is not just an outsourcing vendor but a business partner committed to achieving extraordinary results for its clients.

There’s a reason why companies are flocking to Jamaica for nearshore outsourcing, and Arise Jamaica is at the forefront of this trend. With its flexible, secure, and highly competent service, they’re setting the industry standard.

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