Gaming Localization

We offer translation of in-game text, audio, and marketing materials in 50+ languages powered by AI Flex

Capturing the intended emotions, humor, and passions from the original version to another language is essential to overall engagement. Audiences crave higher quality localized text, impeccable cultural adaptation, and immersive gameplay. Rest assured, our expertise lies in offering comprehensive translation services for in-game text, audio scripts, cultural adaptation, marketing materials, and packaging, covering an extensive range of over 50 languages. The most successful studios captivate player communities around the globe by offering their products and support services in multiple languages.
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Community Focus We go deep to understand the true nature of your global player network

Expanded Reach Increase and accelerate profitability by releasing your game in multiple markets

Holistic Approach Arise does so much more than just translate. We co-create with you to enhance the entire end-to-end player experience

Multilingual Specialists

We compare & contrast deliverables to ensure a high standard for all languages

Fast Feedback Loop

We provide linguists with timely answers & support

Resource Selection

We work with the best translators


We use technology & procedures to make sure we don’t miss deadlines


We react quickly to new challenges


We absorb workload spikes without sacrificing quality

Tool Selection

We use the best software for the job

Long-Term Development

We help our team learn & grow

Subject Matter Experts

We rely on highly specialized reviewers

Constant Monitoring

We track everything & make decisions based on data

Game + Audio Translation

Reach more players by translating your game into any language while preserving its original meaning. We adapt to your requirements: from live localization for games as a service, to more traditional translation workflows.

Localization + Culturization

Our native-speaking linguists go beyond basic translation to localize and culturalize your game, adapting to each new market—we’re talking images, colors, music, holidays, taboos, clothing, food, and more.

Post-Editing Machine Translation

Cut time and costs with machine translation that uses sophisticated algorithms to translate your game. Our native-speaking translators then proofread every translation to make sure it feels right and fits the context.

Deep Expertise

Extensive leadership experience in gaming in scaling gaming programs and effectively reducing TCO while also increasing coverage

Gaming Lab: 35,000 sq ft lab ready to launch and scale Gaming Services in South Florida Locations: India, Mexico, E. Europe, Canada, UK, Ireland, Jamaica, and United States (in office and virtual)



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